Volunteering With SARA


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities


The Sexual Assault Response Advocates program is looking for volunteers! - The SARA program depends on volunteers to be on call to help victims of sexual assault. They are on call one week every other month and are asked to commit for one year. Training is provided for all volunteers. It includes about 40 hours in a classroom-type setting covering topics such as sexual assault, the history of violence against women, social concepts, the impact of sexual assault on victims, crisis intervention, and self-care of the advocate. We ask that volunteers be at least 18 years old, and emphasize that being empathetic is more important than being sympathetic. Classes for volunteers are currently being held, but you can sign up for the next training session. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Traci at 775-883-7654 or click HERE to fill out our volunteer form (you will be directed to the Advocates website).


Accompany victims to court - Volunteers are always needed to accompany victims of sexual violence to the necessary court dates that help bring their attackers to justice. 


Many other volunteer activities are available - Do you want to be a part of SARA and help those in our community that have experienced the trauma of sexual assault.  We always have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available.  Please join us in fighting sexual assault in our community.
Take a moment to call our 24 hour number (775)883-7654 to speak to us about the numerous volunteer opportunities available with SARA.