24 Hour Crisis Call Hotline

SARA's 24 Hour Crisis Call Line, (775) 883-7654

SARA staff and volunteers are always ready to help those reaching out for help, no matter what time of day.  When you call our crisis hot-line you will have access to our highly trained staff and volunteers. The person calling the hot-line will have access to a wide range of help and information available in the Carson City area for victims of sexual assault.  There is always someone on the other end of the phone that is able to help!


Hospital Accompaniment

The SARA team is made up of trained staff and volunteers that are willing and able to accompany any victim during the hospital exam. The SARA team goes out in teams of two, one to stay with the victim, and one to stay with the family/friends. The advocate that stays with the victim will provide comfort, support and answer questions. The other advocate will remain with the family/friends of the victim and provide them with the support they need.


Police Reports

The SARA team can provide accompaniment to the police station to file police reports.

Court Accompaniment

The SARA team is able to provide court accompaniment to victims of sexual violence throughout the legal process.  We will be available to offer emotional support for victims and their families throughout the court process.  Our team members are not attorneys, but can often answer general questions about the legal process in sexual assault cases. We work very closely with the District Attorney Victim Advocate.


Individual Counseling

SARA provides referrals for one-on-one counseling to survivors of sexual violence.


Financial Assistance

SARA team members can provide assistance in applying for funds through the Victims of Crime Program (a service provided by the State of Nevada) and other funds from the county in which the offense accord.